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BARRENE - Multilayer piping, heating and gas accessories

Barrene, established in 1952 by Manuel Barrenechea, has been facing the challenges of the future with the enthusiasm of undertaking new projects for over 60 years.

Commencing its professional activity carrying out installations, since 1968, the company has focused on the manufacture of accessories for gas systems.

In 1972, Barrene added the manufacture of blowtorches and butane/propane gas torches for welding, heating and burning to its product range.


The wide range of patented blowtorches and technology has made our brand a market leader at national level.

Since 2008, Barrene's product range incorporated an integrated solution entailing multilayer piping, fittings and tools.

Our products are aimed at demanding professionals who value the quality assurance offered by Barrene. Indeed, we are certified by AENOR, in accordance with regulation ISO:9001:2000, for the manufacture and marketing of our products.

Our quality control department performs continuous monitoring of each manufacturing run, ensuring full compliance with each of the quality objectives outlined in our manual.

Moreover, all of this is achieved whilst maintaining our firm commitment to respect for the environment, the sustainability of the planet and the safety of our employees.

Barrene Gas Barrene Multilayer

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